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Its amazing to think about how recent an invention inkjet technology is and how only 15 years ago the first home inkjet printers appeared on the home computer market. There was a real "wow" factor when inkjets arrived because of their versatility and colour capabilities. This really made them stand out from the super noisy dot matrix printers and the insanely expensive laser printers of the time. For the first time ever a home computer user could experience very high quality yet low cost printing from the comfort of their own homes.

The humble inkjet printer cartridge has changed the world of home printing. From a simple start when all inkjet printers offered mono (black) only printing to todays current models with true photorealistic inks and glossy photo paper the world of inkjet printing has come a long, long way. Inkjet technology gets better every single year and we're now at the point where wireless inkjet printers are quickly becoming the norm in many houses.

The capabilities of inkjet printers is what took the world by storm when they were first introduced. These printers could perform all kinds of tasks. Everything from printing normal A4 documents to printing t-shirt transfers and stunning color photographs. The overall running costs were way, way less than commercial printers and their quiet operation meant they were perfect for use in bedrooms, or home offices.

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Initially the cost of some inkjet cartridges was very high with some companies charging $60 - $100 per cartridge. Luckily over the years the cost of inkjet ink and cartridges has dropped dramatically. With the drop in the costs of inkjet supplies and the wide availability of generic inkjet printer cartridges there has been an explosion in inkjet printer ownership. With this explosive growth in demand for printer cartridges there has been an equally impressive explosion in the amount of companies manufacturing ink refills which has continually driven costs of cartridges and refills down year after year.

The Internet has played a vital role in the rapid growth of inkjet technology and the number of people owning inkjet printers. With customers being able to find better deals for their inkjet printers from suppliers all over the world and having those great deals delivered directly to their front door - normally at a fraction of their normal costs.

You all know how frustrating it can be to find exactly what you're looking for online for your printer. The right cartridge or ink refill for your particular model or maybe even just computer printer paper. It can be very confusing finding companies worth dealing with. wants to relieve you of the headache of finding reliable inket printer supplies and help you find the best possible value in inkjet cartridges and refills online today.

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