Inkjet Printer and Consumables articles and information

Recycling your inkjet cartridges
If you're like most people you're concerned about the environment and what's happening to this planet that we all share.

Think Inkjet - get creative
Ink printers allow you to add unlimited dimension to creative crafts with your computer and specialized media.

Carrot Ink
The entity that is CarrotInk was founded in 1998 and quickly became a name associated with high quality and excellent customer service.

Brother inkjet cartridges

Lexmark 12A1970
What kind of shopper are you? Depending on your willingness to research, you'll find the Lexmark 12a1970 inkjet cartridge priced from the manufacturer's list price of $34.99 to a rock-bottom discount price of $4.99

Empty ink cartridges
Of course, you can throw your empty ink cartridges away, or you can build a house of "carts" with them... or you can dispose of them in a way that will benefit both you and somebody in need.

Bulk inkjet supply systems
In the big bad world of inkjet accessories very few people every consider buying in bulk for their printer.

Printing your own business cards?
So you've decided to print your own business cards? Where do you start?

Blank greeting cards
One of the toughest parts of buying somebody a gift is finding the greeting card you want in a gift shop.

Hewlett Packard C1823A
C1823A is your password to affordable printing.