Brother Printer Supplies For Compatibility and Reliability

If you're tired of all the media hype about printer cartridges and media that is compatible with your printer, it may be time to take a fresh look at an old favorite. Brother has long been a distinguished name in both business and personal electronics. Brother laser printers are well known, but Brother printer supplies are also compatible with their multi-function machines, many of which include a color inkjet printer. Brother was the first manufacturer to combine several office equipment functions into one machine, which led the way to the many brands of all-in-one office machines available today.

Brother multi-function systems (MFS) are very competitively priced, starting at $129.00 USD with $30.00 mail in rebate. As well as the MFS, Brother printer supplies are quite affordable with printer cartridges starting at about $22.00 for b/w cartridges and under $13.00 USD per color. In addition, Brother printer cartridges are long lasting. The black and white cartridge prints up to 500 sheets and the color cartridge prints up to 400 sheets at a 600 X 150 before needing replacement.

Brother multi-function systems (MFS) are labeled with the prefix MFC that stands for Multi-function Center and feature machines with fax, print, copy, and scan capabilities. However, because of the scope that Brother electronics encompass, Brother printer supplies and printer cartridges are found more quickly at other retail ink suppliers on the Internet. Brother printer supplies are available at many Internet retail shops that also sell Brother compatible cartridges for as little as $4.95 for color and $5.95 for b/w.

It's refreshing to see that while Brother recommends that you use Brother printer supplies, there are no caveats about printer damage and voided warranties if you choose to use less expensive printer cartridges and print media for your print projects. Perhaps it all ties into Brother's philosophy, which is to make you say, "That's exactly what I want!"