Ever Thought About Using Bulk Ink With Your Printer?

In the big bad world of inkjet accessories very few people every consider buying in bulk for their printer. For most people when you mention buying ink in bulk they'll assume you mean buying 3 or 4 cartridges at a time. This isn't the only way to buy inkjet ink in bulk though.

Most of you will just focus on just buying spare ink cartridges or the standard refill kits when you're topping up your inkjet supplies. These aren't the only ways for keeping down the costs of owning an inkjet printer (either for home use or business use). Your printer can also be supplied with ink from external tanks if you really want to go for the real bulk ink option.

Ok that might sound just a little bit crazy but then what's crazier. Paying $50 for 50ml of ink or paying $50 for a pint of ink and having to work a little to set it all up? If you're freaking out at the thought of a little bit of work then bulk ink might not be for you. If you like the idea of saving a small fortune on inkjet supplies then keep reading.

The kits come with everything you need including the external tanks, instructional CDs or manuals and of course the ink itself. While at first having the ink outside the printer might seem like an odd idea it's something you can get used to very quickly.

The external ink tanks connect to the existing printhead or printing mechanism and feed it with ink for an external tank instead of from within the ink cartridge itself. If proper care is taken there's no reason why this can't be an extremely effective and cheap way of supplying your hungry beast of an inkjet printer at a fraction of the normal cost.

The single downside to these bulk ink systems is that they will cost you more initially. The kits themselves can cost several hundred dollars and take some time to set up. The upside of this is that bulk ink units can easily pay for themselves twice over in the first few months that you own them - the more you use the more you save kinda thing.

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