Hewlett Packard Replacement Inkjet Printer Cartridges

When you purchase your next order of HP cartridges, you can do it in the surety that Hewlett Packard is a leader in research and development of fine printer ink and inkjet cartridges. In fact, recently Hewlett Packard introduced a complete new printer ink system called Vivera including upgraded HP cartridges to match.

"Vivera," an HP representative said, "is meant to suggest ‘life', ‘true-to-life', acclaim and longevity." The suggested retail price for the new HP Vivera cartridges will be $34.99 USD for color and $19.99 for black printer ink. The new Vivera HP cartridges have been designed to produce high quality photos that retain their quality for generations. In fact, Hewlett Packard claims that prints created with Vivera printer ink and the upgraded HP cartridge will last up to 100 years, as opposed to 60 years with their present line of printer ink.

HP has long been an innovative giant in the manufacture of inkjet cartridges and fine printer inks. Vyomesh Joshi, the chief of HP's Imaging and Printing Division summed it up best with this statement, which seems to reflect the complete Hewlett Packard printer ink philosophy, "I firmly believe the innovation is in the ink." Scientists in Joshi's division develop and test printer inks, HP cartridges, and photo paper at a sprawling plant in Rancho Bernardo, located near San Diego, California.

Hewlett Packard maintains that its printers are designed to work with HP cartridges and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) printer ink. A study from Consumer Reports backs their claim, reporting that off-brand printer inks are frequently inferior to OEM printer ink.

The upgraded HP cartridges and Vivera printer ink will be sold in conjunction with a line of thirteen new printers for the home and small office. This complete line is slated for introduction in what Hewlett Packard is calling "Big Bang 3".

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard have become a name that's synonymous with inkjets and quality. HP inkjet cartridges are one of the top selling inkjet consumables worldwide and one of the most copied in terms of technology, quality and style.