What Makes Lexmark Ink Cartridges Tick?

lexmarkFounded in 1991 with the mindset of being the best in the business Lexmark is continuously working towards this goal and constantly refining their processes. This obviously includes their range of Lexmark ink cartridges.

With operations in over 150 counties Lexmark puts positive customer experiences at the top of their list of priorities for the Millenium and beyond. Lexmark printer owners can identify with the companies committment to quality and service excellence.

Lexmark ink cartridges use a process called thermal inkjet printing. This is quite similar to Bubblejet technology although Lexmark obviously can't refer it by that name. In Lexmark cartridges the ink is heated rapidly by an element inside the cartridge. It's heated so rapidly that it turns into a gas which forms a bubble. This bubble then literally explodes the ink out of the print nozzle and onto the waiting paper.

The chambers within a Lexmark print cartridge can fire 18,000 individual drops of ink per second which is a truly astonishing figure if you just stop and consider it for a second.

Lexmark ink cartridges are available in both mono (black) and color variants. The color cartridges are based on a 6 color printer ink layout. The use of 6 separate ink colors is designed to give you the most realistic and vivid colors possible. An added bonus is that Lexmark printer ink is also fade resistant.

So when buying Lexmark printer ink cartridges what should you do? You can go down the road of refilling your inkjet cartridges and save a lot of money. You could also use compatible cartridges designed to work with Lexmark printers. However Lexmark do make it quite clear on their website that the use of non-standard printer ink and ink cartridges can damage your printer so they only recommend using genuine Lexmark cartridges.

In a move to prevent the use of third party inkjet refilling and inkjet compatible printer products Lexmark are experimenting with a printhead which "self-destructs" afer the cartridge has been emptied of ink. How successful will they be? Watch this space!

Do You Want Lexmark Inkjet Cartridges?

Are you looking for replacement Lexmark inkjet cartridges?

The Lexmark printer company
A relative newcomer to the inkjet industry Lexmark came into being in 1991. As a spin off of IBM Lexmark was created to control the printer market as IBMs efforts in that area had been quite poor and a new brand name was needed. Lexmark launched the IBM Personal Printer series II and 4226 dot matrix printers in that first year.

Lexmark 12a1970 inkjet cartridge
What kind of shopper are you? Depending on your willingness to research, you'll find the Lexmark 12a1970 inkjet cartridge priced from the manufacturer's list price of $34.99 to a rock-bottom discount price of $4.99.