How Are Lexmark and Where Did They Come From?

A relative newcomer to the inkjet industry Lexmark came into being in 1991. As a spin off of IBM Lexmark was created to control the printer market as IBMs efforts in that area had been quite poor and a new brand name was needed. Lexmark launched the IBM Personal Printer series II and 4226 dot matrix printers in that first year.

The following year saw Lexmark release it's first "own brand" inkjet printer the ExecJet II. We also became with the new company tagline "Make Your Mark" that year.

The Optra C, released in 1995, introduced the world to the first color laser printer, which was met with critical acclaim.

The 1996 Olympics saw Lexmark become the official suppliers of desktop printers and printer accessories. This was a huge boon to the still fledgling printer company and put their names on the industry map. 1996 also saw Lexmark beging building its reputation as an environmentally conscious company.

The world woke up to its first 1200 x 1200 dpi printer in 1997. It came in the guise of the Lexmark 7000 color printer which incorporates laser cut printhead nozzles. Lexmark also release the series 1000 Jetprinter as the industrys first sub-$100 color inkjet printer.

Kodak moved from here to develop corporate manufacturing deals with both Kodak and Compaq in 1998 and 199. The news was also filled with Lexmarks announcement of $1 billion revenues.

The year 2000 saw Lexmark top the charts as the No.1 supplier of inkjet printers in the US.

2001 through to 2003 saw Epson refine their printing process to 2400 x 1200 then 3600 x 1200 and then finally to 4800 x 1200

Maintaing it's reputation as an environmentally friendly manufacturer Lexmark also joins the Environmental Protection Agency and announces its Lexmark Equipment Collection Program for recycling used printer products and accessories.

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