There's Only One Word In Photo Paper - Epson.

When it comes to choosing printable media, or paper as it's otherwise known, for your Epson printer you won't be short of choice. Epson manufacture their own range of papers to include everything from plain A4 general purpose paper to their super high quality Epson photo paper.

Epson have assisted greatly in the speedy development of papers for inkjet printers. Their push for photo quality output from inkjet printers has forced many paper manufacturers to constantly push the boundaries of what a typical Epson printer paper is capable of.

For everyday business and personal needs Epson offer their general purpose inkjet papers. It is, however, when we look at the range of photo paper on offer from Epson that their products really begin to shine. There is simply an incredible range of products to choose from. Enhanced matte paper, watercolor radiant paper, double sided matte paper, velvet fine art paper, heavyweight matter, premium white and photo quality paper. Believe it or not there's more.

There's the new DURABrite glossy photo paper specially designed for the new DURABrite inks just released by Epson. Then all-purpose glossy paper, premium luster photo paper, ColorLife photo paper all the way down to premium semigloss photo paper.

The basic point is this. If you have a special printing requirement and need a specific paper Epson have something to meet your needs. Be it a high quality photo paper or even some scrapbook paper Epson have anticipated your needs well in advance.

Although Epson do manufacture most of their inkjet papers, photo and otherwise, to produce optimum results with their own range of printers you'll be pleasantly surprised at the high quality results you can achieve using Epson paper on a Hewlett Packard or other inkjet printer. It can take some experimentation but the final results are worth it.

It would take 50 more pages to even begin to describe features and benefits of the partial (yes believe or not there's more of them) list of papers above. Just keep one thought in mind when you're shopping online for inkjet paper - Epson.